Content Marketing

Create engaging marketing content supporting business objectives including SEO optimization and brand awareness.


A graceful middle-aged woman with a straight back and bohemian… Keep Reading

Living in Medellín, Colombia means that sometimes I ache to escape the . . . Keep Reading


There’s no better way to practice Spanish than by interacting with the language... Keep Reading

The first time I was asked “¿Y vos de dónde sos?” (“and where are you from?”), I was confused. ‘Vos? Does this have to do with... Keep Reading



Campaign design and creative copywriting for digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Avalon Bauman _ Copywriting

Email Marketing

Logic-based email campaigns using Klaviyo, MailChimp, and Dotmailer including campaign design, email copy, and configuration.


Political Research

Research conducted on political and security issues in Latin America for subscriber publications produced by media and risk analysis firms.


Haiti re-mobilizes military as UN peacekeepers prepare for departure

On Monday, July 17th, The Jovenel Moise administration Ministry of Defense announced the...

Los Urabeños Surrender and Implications

The Urabeños are labelled a “Type A” criminal organization by the Colombian government, classified as such due...