Like a good pioneer,

I have a flexible skill set.


Digital Marketing

I got started in marketing at by advising clients on how to use marketing automation software to improve their B2B marketing efforts.

When I got to Colombia Immersion, I took charge of the operations and marketing including:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SEO & Content Marketing

  • Event Marketing

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Creating and managing our website

The strong branding helped our organization stand out in an increasingly crowded market, allowing us to successfully open (and fill up!) two branches of the school in two years.

We grew from 2 monthly students to 120+ monthly students; from $600 to $30,000+ monthly revenue.


I started my writing career as a 12-year-old Harry Potter fan fiction author. Years later, I rediscovered writing as a career interest when, during an undergraduate internship with Lonely Planet, I got the chance to help create a travel guide for Salt Lake City.

In my career as a digital marketer, I’ve been able to use my writing chops to:

  • Create websites

  • Write blog posts

  • Run digital advertising campaigns

  • Design and manage email campaigns

  • Manage Facebook and Instagram content

Please feel free to check out some examples in my portfolio.

Client Experience

I've been excited about providing great customer experiences ever since I was 15 years old examining people's foot stride for signs of pronation at my local running shoe store.

At Salesforce, I ensured client happiness for 100+ business owners, marketing managers, CEOs, and VPs as I helped them get comfortable with a powerful new business tool.

At Colombia Immersion, I developed the entire client experience for the business. I love to hear about the "incredibly friendly and relaxed but professional vibe" of the school where "the atmosphere is more of a family gathering than a school."

My goal is to intertwine functional business systems with delightful customer experiences.